Fulfilling your every needs is out highest priority.

“Bombay Design Studio creates emotive modern interiors that are distinguished by their warmth, originality and careful attention to detail. Founded on the simple belief that good design brings quality to life, our past and current projects include residential and commercial spaces.

A modern hand mixes contemporary & custom-designed pieces with one-of-a-kind accessories & vintage objects, which combine to create compelling atmospheres that are reassuringly warm and layered with visual interest. The approach is client and site specific, ensuring that no two projects look or feel the same.”

Luxury Residence

Where design meets affluence “or” comfort matched with unparalleled elegance.

Commercial Office Design

When you’re surrounded by Luxury, excellence is the only outcome.

Retail Design

Let your customers experience the entire store along with the product.


We don’t design rooms, we design experiences.

General Residence

Simplicity made elegant.

General Contracting

Sit back, relax and watch us getting it done.

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