The Bombay Design Studio was founded in the heart of our country’s financial capital. We are a complete “Bombay” at heart, as the name suggests, warm, welcoming, and available when you need us
the most.
The thrill of customising luxury residences is that it introduces us to a new challenge that allows us to demonstrate one of our guiding principles:

“luxury is not expensive,
the design is.”

It’s not always about how much a material cost but how effective it is for your design.



“Bombay Design Studio creates expressive, contemporary interiors that are memorable for ambience, creativity, and making sure beauty is in the details. The core of our business is the thought that excellent design can enhance both residential and commercial spaces
A modern hand combines contemporary and custom-designed furniture with one-of-a-kind accessories and vintage items, resulting in attractive spaces that are comfortingly warm and rich in aesthetic interest. All of our designs are extremely site-specific, taking into consideration the character of the space. There will never be two projects that look or feel the same.